Make sure to do your research beforehand if there are specific programs where you hope to rotate. The UCSF Visiting Student Program will continue to operate normally for the 2023 - 2024 Cycle. Aren't you allowed to only do 1 away. Now, that might be a slightly hyperbolic statement. Do not forget to take into account your schools graduation requirements as well as the role these electives are going to play on your residency application. Get everything uploaded and get vaccinations/titers updated ASAP. It was helpful to read about someone who was also pursuing audition rotations in a wide variety of places! Will VSAS send an email to members, or should I just check every day for the next month or 2? While there is no specific document or website listing these institutions (I can provide a list of the ones I found to anyone interested), it may be worth your time to do a quick search for them, especially if you know you want to stay in a specific geographic location. If you want competitive slots get your titers, mask fit test, etc done now and ensure your TB will still be valid while you're rotating there. And we want to encourage you to apply! The Summer Makeup Course Directory lists opportunities for summer course work at U.S. medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). You may accept or decline offers received from Host institutions. It was first come first served (ERAS is actually like this too, after the initial date - which is what makes that so important), but each program starts accepting apps at its own pace, and you can only apply for a rotation so far out, Okay so there's no standard application open date for apps then. \Q`2$10120~ e] Prepare a short personal statement that you can use when applying to electives. View Key Guidance and VSLOJobs Aids for Host institutions: This document provides an overview of important information that should be reviewed and updated. Do not get me wrong, VSAS is an incredibly useful and helpful tool for finding elective rotations. Most EM rotations use this system. Find a complete listing of all participating home institutions. Does anyone know when VSAS applications open for Sub-I's and Audition rotations for 2022-2023? The VSLO program chargesa flat fee of $15 per application. Program participants include medical and public health students and institutions in the U.S. and around the globe. Application fees areper elective regardless of requested dates for that elective. Remember, you want to show progress as you go through fourth year, and you are going to need letters of recommendation. Third year is an incredibly busy time in medical students' lives, and applying for VSAS is a process with a lot of moving components. Does anyone know when VSAS applications open for Sub-I's and Audition rotations for 2022-2023? Check out these frequently asked about topics. It's a big ol' dumpster fire so be prepared. Some prefer to use their own application service and are even free to apply to! in their selection of learning opportunities that achieve their personal and career goals. The AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO ) program enables medical and public health students to pursue short-term learning opportunities in locations away from their Home institutions. To ensurewe are providing students with the most up-to-date information, please note that all postings will expire on August 31, 2022. The AAMC is not recommending restrictions for 2022 away rotations. Is anyone even listening? Also, is it like an ERAS thing where all of the applications are released on the same date or more of a first come first seen kind of thing? Check out these frequently asked about topics. I just sent 2-3 out today. Visit the VSLO Institution Resources webpage to find important program materials. While you will submit some requirements with your application request, Host institutions may also require you to submit additional "post-decision" requirementsif you accept anelective offer. Forums Medical Student Communities Medical Students (MD) VSAS 2021/2022 stickgirl390 Apr 13, 2021 It's weird because i've seem like 2-3 programs get added for my specialty in my region over the past 2 weeks but the application just isn't open yet. It may be your best chance at matching there. You Caribbean or something? You must log in or register to reply here. I am a Global Partner student and wish to provide my own health insurance during my rotation. What is VSAS?The Visiting Student Application Service is a system for applying to away rotations at many institutions that accept students wishing to rotate in EM (as well as other specialties). Press J to jump to the feed. This includes denying applications that need to be scheduled or applicants who have not had an eligibility review completed, and notifying applicants of the decision. In case of a disruption in operations, Host institutions may need to close/cancel electives or close a catalog for visiting students. August 1, 2022. %PDF-1.5 % ERAS 2023 season begins at 9 a.m. The 3 Month (100 Day) MCAT Study Schedule Guide: 2022 Edition. Why does it seem like no programs are offering aways through VSAS? You may also save the electives you are interested in for future consideration. I've recently applied through VSAS to aways that opened April 1. Applications will be reviewed and responded to ~35 days before the start date being requested. Some application points to start considering and compiling at this point in third year might include: Remember, this is not the comprehensive list of items due to VSAS, but certainly some application requirements students can begin to work on early. Also, is it like an ERAS thing where all of the applications are released on the same date or more of a first come first seen kind of thing? In case of a disruption in operations, Home institutions may temporarily restrict the ability of their students to access and apply for elective opportunities abroad. need something more, Why would you do an entire year of aways? This is so anxiety producing. Review general information about each participating Host institution and their key application dates and fees. 6.5. Not all paths to medical school are linear. Offered by participating Host institutions in the U.S. and around the world, elective opportunities are available in teaching hospitals, community clinics, and urban or rural sites and are open to preclinical, clinical, or final-year students, as determined by the Host institution. Advancing academic medicine through scholarship, Open-access journal of teaching and learning resources. Make sure your elective rotations are arranged in a way that will give you the best chance to succeed. arking an Application "Not to be Released", 2. Additionally, Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (COMs)can elect to participatein theVSLO Global Network. If you have any questions, please contact the VSLO Client Technical Support Team or call 202-478-9878. I would say typically people do 2-3ish. Some places fill up very quickly! Hackensack application doesnt even open until July 1 lol what is wrong w these people dont they know we have ERAS. TheVisiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO)teamhasprovidedeasy access tovaluable resourcestohelp you support your studentsthrough theapplication process. You mustbe invited by your Home institution before you may access the VSLO application service. It may not display this or other websites correctly. For Institutions:VSLO Program Coronavirus FAQs | AAMC, For Students:Coronavirus (COVID-19) and The VSLO Program (, AAMC COVID-19 Resources:Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Hub. In April 2021, the Coalition for Physician Accountabilityissued recommendationsthat limit away rotations to one rotation opportunity per specialty per student. For the sake of assuaging fears, here is a brief overview of things to consider now for VSAS so you can coast through the application season. Does any of this matter? Use our elective search for elective opportunities based on, but not limited to, specialty, Host institution, and geographic location. How will I know when it opens? For me, this was a long, expensive, and methodical process. Yeah but there are plenty of other programs that have their VSAS electives displayed with correct start dates. Search for electives in the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) application service. Is there a set date for when all VSAS opens? VSAS ACCEPTANCES / NON VSAS ACCEPTANCES Just to clarify--you emailed them before their VSAS application opened? However, some programs have their own application process, which often can be found on their website. Do you think that programs will think less of you if you apply then decline the acceptance for another place? Seems weaksauce. Are these guidelines still in place for the upcoming 2022 away rotations/electives? I had much better success with setting up non-VSAS rotations. This job aid provides instructions on how to bulk deny applications in the VSLO software. After all, this is a big stepping-stone toward residency itself. All application deadlines are set by individual medical schools. On my screen there are numerous. If you have any questions please e-mail Scott Campbell at For reference, here are links to the VSLO COVID-19 frequently asked questions for institutions and students. ERAS 2022 season ends at 5 p.m. Press J to jump to the feed. In addition to the Institutions tab, VSAS also has a Tracking tab that shows you all of your applications and (if available) the status of those applications. Emergency Communication System Registration VSAS may "open" in February but each programs application date, application requirements, and immunizations are different. The VSLO software enhancements are now live, and you will see a new look and feel when you log into the system, frequently asked questions about the VSLO program, information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the VSLO program. competition (46 U.S.C. That's kinda a shame. Prospective institutions can joinlive VSLO softwaredemonstrations and current users can register for training webinars on our Demonstrations and Training page. For more detailed information, check out frequently asked questions about the VSLO program and information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the VSLO program. Hopefully that helps! Updates and information for the academic medicine community in advance of and after the Supreme Court rulings on race-conscious admissions. 20. Good luck! 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