The Tiktoker and Furrha family member, Sammy Furrha, has seven siblings: Nader 32, Fifi 30, Rush 29, Hannah 28, Linda 22, Rocky 20, and Kies Furrha 16. He owns and runs his own financial planning business in Fremantle which he set up 4 years ago. Heartbeat, videos, newsletters. Sam was a club delegate for the WAAFL Amateur Status working party and was also involved with working with the council and local community groups to support the $1.1million redevelopment of the City Beach Oval Pavilion. The Club awards Life Membership to members of the Club who have made a significant contribution to the Club over a long period of time. No Player Height Weight DOB Debut Recruited From; 1: Ali AL SHUWELI: 176: 74: 9th February 2006: Kenwick JFC: 2: Benjamin PARASILITI: 174: 70: 12th December 2005: Attadale JFC The WAFC 1life Youth Leadership Program is providing the leadership skills and knowledge for young people in football to be the difference. Outside of football Matt has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and business law from Curtin University. Rafic expressed that his greatest achievement as President was the growth in community engagement which led to the clubs membership doubling over his time at the helm. Heartbeat, videos, newsletters. Collect, display, preserve, document, own and market all the Memorabilia of the West Perth Football Club history, past and present. Blue Falconmembership,includes home game entry. Luca, winner of season 4, was recruited after an unsuccessful tryout with me in season 3. In addition there will also be a number of facilitated group activities aimed to stimulate the mind of young leaders. Perth Football Club is pleased to announce Diamond Fitness as High-Performance partner. He is the current president of the Kingsway Football Club, a position he has held since 2013. Through the generous support of Lotterywest, the Perth Football League welcomes you to our history as we commemorate in 2021 our 100th year. WPFC Life Members BSB 306-058 Account 4197363 League Ladder Rob's board portfolio is Coaching and Volunteers. Fund a Falcon - support your favourite player for the coming season for both our male and female teams. H: 9447 2559. Perth Football League name changes:1922-1923: Mercantile Football Association1924-1928: Renamed Perth District Football Association1929-1970: Renamed WA Amateur Football Association1971-2018: Renamed WA Amateur Football League2019-current: Renamed Perth Football League, Other senior community leagues in Perth:Perth Suburban Football Association: ~1920s-1930sMetropolitan Football League [1]: 1988-1991Metropolitan Football League [2]: 1993-currentSouth Suburban Football Association: 1909-1959South Suburban Murray Football League: 1960-1983Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association: 1946-1979Sunday National Football League: 1949-1967Sunday Football Association: 1962-1972Sunday Football League: 1984-2008Sunday Football League Div 2: 1994-1997Sunday Football League Sat/Div 3: 1985-2003WA Football Association: 1968-1987 [1]WA Football Association: 2004-2008 [2], If you have further information, photos, videos, errors or omissions, please click here, 105 Banksia St, Tuart Hill WA | (08) 9381 5599 |, 1969-1971: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1985-1989, 1993: Sunday Football League Saturday Div 3, 1995-2002: Metropolitan Football League [2], 2003: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1909-1959: South Suburban Football Association, 1960-1983: South Suburban Murray Football League, 1989-1993: Sunday Football League Saturday Div 3, 1998-2001: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1962-1967: Sunday National Football League, 1961-1966: Sunday National Football League, 1969-1970: South Suburban Murray Football League, 1949-1950: Sunday National Football League, 1922-1959: South Suburban Football Association, 1949-1961: Sunday National Football League, Churchlands College of Advanced Education, 1960-1963: Teacher's Training College Claremont, 1970-1971: Teacher's Training College Claremont, 1983: Claremont College of Advanced Education, 1964-1969: Recess (merged into Teacher's Training College), 1958-1968: Fremantle Ex-Scholars FootballAssociation, 1972-1979: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1968-1969: South Suburban Murray Football League, 1988-1989: Metropolitan Football League [1], 1994: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1993-2000, 2003-18: Metropolitan Football League[2], 1999-2003: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1932-1966: Fremantle Ex Scholars Football Association, 1914-1930: South Suburban Football Association, 1934-1959: South Suburban Football Association, 1989-1997: Sunday Football League Saturday Div 3, 1949-1955: Sunday National Football League, 1958-1964: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1936-1937: Perth Suburban Football Association, 2021-: Perth Football League [Integrated], 1994-1997: Sunday Football League Division 2, 1997: Hills Football Association [Seconds], 2002: Metropolitan Football League [2] [Thirds], 1993-2003: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1923-1959: South Suburban Football Association, 1986-1990: Sunday Football League Saturday Div 3, 1949-1957: Sunday National Football League, 1964: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1988-1991: Metropolitan Football League [1], 1995-1996: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1922-1937: Perth Suburban Football Association, 1955-1957: Fremantle Ex Scholars Football Association, 1949-1967: Sunday National Football League, 1960-1967: Sunday National Football League, 1994-1996: Sunday Football League Division 2, 2003-2004: Metropolitan Football League [2], 1921-1938: Fremantle Suburban Football Association, 1909-TBC: South Suburban Football Association, 2008-2010: Metropolitan Football League [2], 2004-2010: Metropolitan Football League [2], 1928-1979: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1980-1983: West Australian Football Association, 1949-1962: Sunday National Football League, 1998-2003: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, Unknown: South Suburban Football Association, 2000-2001: Mercantile Football Association, 1950-1959: Sunday National Football League, 1987-2003: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1954-1979: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, refer to Claremont College of Advanced Education, refer to Mt Lawley College of Advanced Education, 1949-1953: Sunday National Football League, 1966-1968: South Suburban Murray Football League, WACAE (WA College of Advanced Education), 1927-1937: Perth Suburban Football Association, 1953-1963: Sunday National Football League, 1964-1974: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1982-1983,1986: WA Football Association [1], 1964, 1969: Perth Football Leagues [Colts], 1983-1987: Murray Districts Football League, 2001-2013: Canning-Victoria Park-South Perth, 1955-1962: Sunday National Football League, 1970-1972: Sunday National Football League, 1993-2011: Metropolitan Football League [2], 1993-1999: Metropolitan Football League [2], 1964-1966: Sunday National Football League, 1957-1964: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1947-1950: Fremantle Ex Scholars Football Association, 1949-1959: Murray Districts Football Association, 2009-2010: Metropolitan Football League [2], 1948-1959: South Suburban Football Association, 1961-1971: North Murray FootballAssociation, 1955-1959: Sunday National Football League, 1955-1957: Sunday National Football League, 2000-2001: Metropolitan Football League [2], 1928-1965: Fremantle Ex Scholars Football Association, 1971: Teacher's Training College Mt Lawley, 1946-1958: South Suburban Football Association, 1998-1999: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 2001-2003: Sunday Football League Saturday Division, 1922-1924: Perth Suburban Football Association, 1946-1956: Fremantle Ex Scholars Football Association, 1938-1959: Murray Districts Football Association, 1954-1960: Sunday National Football League, 1967-1970: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1954-1962: Sunday National Football League, 1951-1962: Sunday National Football League, 1953-1967: Sunday National Football League, 2011-2012: Metropolitan Football League [2], 1946-1956: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1982-1989: Murray Districts Football League, 1969-1979: Fremantle Ex-Scholars Football Association, 1963: Teacher's Training College Graylands, 1970-1983: South Suburban Murray Football League, 1932-1937: Harvey Brunswick Football Association, 1923-1937: Perth Suburban Football Association, 1997-2014: Metropolitan Football League [2]. This exceptional evening will freature both a main and silent auction, with hundreds of items on offer! WAFC Chairman Murray McHenry congratulated each of the inductees on being announced to receive the honour and thanked them for their significant contribution to WA Football. . Jonathan has played over 200 games for Wanneroo AFC and is a Life Member of the club. Limited positions available Nominations close on 21stSeptember, 2012. The Youth Leadership Program will provide youth with the skills to. To order the book click the link below to benefit PPOA. E: Robbie Haddrill. Select grade below. The Heritage committee has started working on this to make Joondalup a fully decorated home of the Cardies and Falcons. Copyright 2023 East Perth Football Club, Community: A player at a junior community club, School: A participant in a WAFC endorsed school program, Are a player in a school or community football program, or an accredited umpire. With people inducted each year, players need to reach 150 senior AFL games to be legible for the Life Member induction. The West Australian Football Commission has partnered with the, 1Life to create a Youth Leadership Program for motivated young people in football. Sat Apr 08 17:10. Fremantle Football Club patron Dr Richard Walley, Fremantle Captain Alex Pearce and IPS CEO Katina Law. Access to theclub rooms during opening hours VS. Lane Group Stadium. H: 9526 2905. We look forward to welcoming you to PentanetStadium, Joondalup as we strive to go back to back inseason 2023. Red Falcon - Standard Full Club Membership includes The Youth Leadership Program aims to develop and educate young leaders that are involved in football. Any questions regarding memberships can be directed to or by contacting the club on (08) 9362 4499. If you require more information, please contact Josh Bowler 0404 460 636. He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is certified in governance with the Governance Institute of Australia. The club would, Rogers Cup is considered the lead talent development competition for young female football players in WA and nurtures. The young academy graduates will walk away with the knowledge and skills in leadership to have an impact on their peers and their community. Falcon from Afar for our country and interstate member (includes 4 home game entries for season 2023). Induction to the WAFC Life Members Association is regarded as the WAFCs highest level of recognition, distinct from life membership awarded by individual football clubs and associated bodies, and is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding overall contribution to football in Western Australia. The Heritage Committee purpose is to encourage, engage all past players, officials, life members and long serving patrons of the football club to share and participate in the WPFC Heritage Committee activities in order to: 2.1 Collect, display, preserve, document, own and market the history, and heritage, including all memorabilia of the West Perth Football Club. NOMINATE HERE The West Australian Football Commission has partnered with the, 1Life to create a Youth Leadership Program for motivated young people in football. E: Round 2. VS. Heritage events. Voting Rights He has held various positions on the commitee including President. Membership Badge and Sticker Home game entry to all in-season home games during the WAFL & WAFLW 2023home & away season East Perth Football Club. The program helped form part of the clubs selection process for the 2023 Futures program, where we have, Barich will take over from Bob Shields who steps down after four years. The social media personality Sammy Furrha was born on September 21, 1995 in, Michigan, United States. Sat Apr 15 14:10. Secretary: Greg Dart. Note: Gate entry IS INCLUDEDin thismembership, Platinum Membership It is open to both boys & girls and has a non-talent focus. Falcons E-newsletters and Year Book (08) 9362 4499 . The partnership will see the high-performance staff at Diamond Fitness. He will be 27 years old as of September 2022. Professionally, Jim brings experience in stakeholder engagement as the General Manager Investor Relations & Communications for Wiluna Mining. Annual membership is just $30 per person, or $25 concession, or alternatively a Patron Fees are $150 which, in itself, makes a valuable contribution to the Club. There will be a number of high profile key note speakers sharing invaluable leadership experiences. He is currently playing football for the Kingsway Football Club Masters team bringing his games total to over 400. Perth Football Club Past Players and Officials Association Inc PO Box 48 Victoria Park 6979. . Voting Rights EPFC Life Members | East Perth Football Club Select grade below Round 1 Fri Apr 07 14:10 VS Leederville Oval Round 2 Sat Apr 15 14:10 VS Leederville Oval Round 3 Sat Apr 22 17:10 VS Mineral Resources Park Round 4 Sat Apr 29 13:40 VS Leederville Oval Round 5 Sat May 06 14:10 VS Revo Fitness Stadium Round 6 Sat May 13 14:10 VS Leederville Oval Website Perth Football Club Past Players and Officials. WPFC Heritage Committee have a Vision to restore and display our premiership cups, our premiership flags, captains, medallists, team photos, 200 gamers, hall of fame, life members and the clubs 130 years of history. Junior Falcon membership for kids under 16 as at 31/10/23. Outside of football Rob works as a station officer for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. Includes all the benefits of Blue Falcon membership Hawthorn (joined in 1938 and has a link to Coolbinia) also have a connection with the League in the pre-WWII era (1922 and 1941). Beginning in 1922, the League has grown from a small six team competition played amongst local businesses to be the single largest football league in Western Australia with 300 teams and 12,000 players. For questions regarding membership, please contact the club on (08) 9300 3611. Become a Corporate Classic Club Sponsor and receive exclusive benefits. As such, we are a very important coterie group of the Club. East Perth will always be my footy club. M: 0411133 038. Fri Apr 07 14:10. Based in Perth WA and accustomed to an Office lifestyle since I was 16 when i Studied/Worked at the Department of Education & Training while completing a Business Certificate II. (1912), Altay S.K. The Perth Football Club would like to congratulate Allan (Chubby) Stiles on his induction. "Fremantle Football Club Life Members -",, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 3 July 2022, at 23:46. (This is an extract from the Presidents Report in the PFC Annual Report-in response from requests from some members for an update. They are all highly deserving of this honour and recognition and I hope it is received with great pride.. The following is a list of all the Fremantle Football Club life members, this includes players, coaches and administration. We also raise fund for the betterment of the Perth Football Club, especially in the area of junior development. Across a 10-week pre-season period, the most talented 2007/08 born players from throughout the clubs Wheatbelt Region took part in a High-Performance Academy based in Northam, all thanks to funding provided by the Department of Local Government Sport & Recreation (DLGSC) as part of their Regional Athlete Support Program (RASP). Weekly Featured pre order kids Grand Final Hoody Lets your kids celebrate the Grand Final win in one of our hoodys. If you wish to do so and thereby become even more closely associated with the Club please contact one of the below people. Reserved Grandstandseat inthe Whinnen-Dempsey Grandstand for all regular in-season home games Falcons E-newsletters and Year Book With a degree in Sport Management and passion for community engagement, Rafic will bring a wealth of knowledge to the Board. Ryan Hargrave. H: 9447 2559. 2.2 Foster a spirit of friendship, camaraderie, and sense of common purpose between members through: (a) Raising funds for the Heritage Assoc. Lakelands Park Community Sporting Facility Register Online. Raise and manage funds for the Association. The 2019 inductees include Don Baker, Mal Brown, Terry House, Stephen Michael, Charmaine Rogers and Allan Stiles. Opening time is 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The committee has Incorporated status as a Not-for-Profit association to raise adequate funds and protect the investment of our football heritage, over the next years. The 23 year old Thompson joins Perth as a well credentialed midfielder and will add significantly to our team in that area, as well as bring great leadership to our young list. The committee target is to raise $50k by 2024. If you can't remember your password, please feel free to click forget password and reset your password. Show your 2023membership card/lanyard at the Sandover Member's bar for special 'member prices' Falcon Family membership - 2 adults and 2Junior Falcons. Sam began his involvement with the Leaguein 2003 as a commitee member and player for the West Coast Amateur Football Club. Encourage Past Players and Officials to be involved in the club. The new S+C Partnership Read More [+] 1 2 3 4 5 > Last "After much consideration I believe it is time for myself and the Club to both seek new opportunities," Jeremy said. The East Perth Football Club wishes to advise that, after a thorough review and by mutual agreement, Jeremy Barnard's coaching contract will not be renewed. Annual membership is just $30 per person, or $25 concession, or alternatively a Patron Fees are $150 which, in itself, makes a valuable contribution to the Club. Jonathan has played over 200 games for Wanneroo AFC and is a Life Member of the club. I am delighted to congratulate this years WAFC Life Membership recipients for their excellent service and commitment to WA Football, he said. Round 2. $60.00 To Cart Details The Life Member badges . In addition, Gosnells played for a couple of seasons in the 1930s when the South Suburban Football Association was in recess during the Depression along with Hurlingham (later South Perth and now part of the current Canning South Perth Club). Club Profile. Team Leader: Frank Alvaro PP&O. Chairperson - Stan Broom Life Members. The Youth Leadership Program will give the selected group a once in a lifetime opportunity to . the Clubs senior side, with a number of them fulfilling their dream of getting drafted to the AFL. With long family connections at Fremantle CBC AFC, Danielle is highly experienced in stakeholder engagement, relationship, management; customer service; marketing and communications; social impact and grant funding, which will support the Boards focus in its Strategic Plan 2021-25. There is endless potential and we will provide you with the skills toplan for the future, A chance to look back at what you have accomplished. "I love this Club. PLUS Date: Thursday 7 July 2022 Time: 6.00PM - 11.30PM Location: State Reception . He has held previous roles as Marketing Executive West Coast Eagles and Chief Executive Officer Richmond Football Club. Prendergast Medal (Reserves Competition Fairest & Best) 1968, Coach Reserves / League Assistant 1982-84, Chairman of Selectors Colts 1999-2000, Member Perth Nominations Committee 2010 - present, Chairman Perth FC Hall of Fame Committee 2011 present. He has also held roles on the committee for six years. PP& Across a 10-week pre-season period, the most talented 2007/08 born players from throughout the clubs Wheatbelt Region took part in a High-Performance Academy based in Northam, all thanks to funding provided by the Department of Local Government Sport & Recreation (DLGSC) as part of their Regional Athlete Support Program (RASP). The long-term sustainability of your club depends on supporters becoming members. H: 9458 3140. Round 1. Team Leader: John NYKYFORAK' WG5 - Communication Communicate with members on stories of interest past and present. He also won the West Coast AFC 2006 'SPINE' award for Best Clubman. Each individual inducted has served the Fremantle Football Club for a long duration of time. Yellow and navy were chosen for the club colours. Geoff has extensive professional experience in both sports administration and governance, previously serving as a key member of the West Australian Football Commission as the Director of Facilities and Planning from 2006 to 2015, along with his most current role as the Chief Executive Officer at the City of South Perth from 2015-2021. Heritage events to bring our PP&O back to the club. Representing the south-east area of the Perth metropolitan region, the club currently trains and plays its home games at Lathlain Park (currently known, for sponsorship reasons, as Mineral Resources Park . Danielle was appointed by the Board in March 2021 and is currently Manager Stakeholder and Customer Relations at the City of South Perth. Match day Budget at all regular in-season home games (unless sold out) He played for East Fremantle and East Perth in the Western Australian National Football League (WANFL) and South Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL). We are also proudly custodians of the Clubs'History Centre and are constantly displaying, collating and collecting relevant memorabilia for permanent record.

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